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Connecting in a Real Way on LinkedIn

Hello, everybody! I hope you're all having a fantastic day. Mine was pretty interesting yesterday – I accidentally singed my eyebrows while enjoying a bonfire last night! But let's not dwell on that and move on to the question of the day: How do I connect in a real way with people I don't actually know on LinkedIn?


I'm quite new to this whole "LinkedIn game," only two months into trying to build my following seriously. So there are definitely people out there who can offer better advice than me, but here's what has worked for me so far.

The Wrong Way: Automation and Aggression

The first thing you should avoid doing is automating your connection requests and sending overly aggressive messages asking for something right away (like booking meetings or signing up for your product). While it did get some results initially (e.g., booked meetings), it wasn't good for building thought leadership because it made me appear pushy and annoying.

Imagine how it feels when you receive such messages yourself – we've all experienced them at one point or another. That approach doesn't foster genuine connections; instead, it leaves an impression that you're just after something from them.

A Better Approach: Engaging Thought Leaders & Personalized Messages

Here's what works better:

  1. Connect with people who are engaging with other thought leaders you enjoy.
    For example, if someone comments on a post from a thought leader I admire, I'll add my comment as well and then reach out to those who liked or commented on that post. This way, we already have some common ground to start our conversation.
  2. Send individualized messages when connecting.
    Instead of using an automated message for everyone, personalize it by mentioning something specific about the person you're reaching out to. Start by saying "great to connect" but don't stop there – show them that you've taken the time to learn something about them and what they do.

If they accept your connection request (and I try to do this whenever possible), follow up with a quick video message sharing something interesting about them and expressing your eagerness in hearing their thoughts. This approach often leads to meaningful dialogues where both parties can talk about issues they face in their work or share valuable insights – exactly what LinkedIn is all about!

The Power of Genuine Connections & Thought Leadership

This method might not be as fast or automated as the aggressive one mentioned earlier, but it helps build genuine connections with engaged individuals providing unique insights. After all, isn't that what thought leadership should be?

In the short term, being a thought leader means giving the right answer at the right time. But long-term success comes from bringing people together and fostering collective growth towards better answers and solutions.

So take your time building these connections on LinkedIn – engage genuinely in conversations around shared interests and create value for others through dialogue instead of merely pushing for meetings or sign-ups! Your network will grow stronger because of it. Thanks so much for reading!