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How can I improve my ability to answer important questions?

Transforming Your Camera Into Your Customer

The secret to effectively answer important questions that your customers have, lies in treating your camera as if it were a customer itself. Yes, you heard that right! It might appear challenging initially because we often perceive our interaction with the camera as giving a speech or presentation. The idea of numerous people watching us without being able to see them can be daunting and intimidating.

However, when you think about it more deeply, isn't this exactly what answering customer queries is all about? You are not always face-to-face with your clients but you still manage to resolve their issues and answer their questions successfully. This is an integral part of running a business.

Acknowledging Expertise In Your Field

One major reason behind your success has been your expertise in the field. You have garnered knowledge and experience over time which has made you competent enough to run a successful business today. Every single day, through various interactions and transactions with customers, this expertise is put into action.

You provide solutions for any problems they may be facing or give answers for any questions they may have related to products or services offered by your business thereby confirming that indeed "the customer is king". So why should addressing queries from behind the screen feel any different?

Treating Queries As Opportunities For Engagement

Think of every question popping up on-screen during live sessions or webinars like one asked by real-life customers sitting across from you at the table, waiting eagerly for an informative response. Such virtual engagements offer opportunities just like those provided by physical ones - only the platform changes!

In fact, these online platforms often allow businesses to reach out to far larger audiences than would otherwise be possible offline - making them even more beneficial! All it requires is some adaptation on our part: Instead of perceiving these interactions as public speaking events where we simply convey information one-way; treat them as valuable discussions where communication flows both ways. Just go ahead confidently and answer those queries coming up on screen exactly how you'd do in person after all whoever said effective communication was limited only within four walls?