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How Do I Engage With Potential Customers On A Sales Call?

Understanding Your Audience: An Essential Step in Sales

In sales, one of the most critical steps involves understanding your audience. It's not just about knowing their desires and needs but also discerning what they believe you can provide for them. This is important because sometimes, your audience might be under the impression that you can help them with a particular need or issue when in reality, you cannot.

I had an interaction today that perfectly illustrates this scenario. A member of my audience approached me thinking I could enhance his product by using insight voice – a tool primarily used to build trust and credibility through effective communication strategies.

The Role of Visual Appeal in Product Sales

His product was visually appealing - something that catches attention instantly on video or even an image. If you are within its range of use cases, it will either make instant sense to you or at least linger in your memory until such time as it becomes useful to you.

The crucial point here is that, unlike many other products where building trust forms part of the buying decision process, selling this type of visually appealing product does not require much emphasis on personal trust development. This makes insight voice less relevant for enhancing its appeal.

Making The Hard Call: When Not To Sell

This misconception provided me with a great opportunity to reinforce another essential sales principle: knowing when NOT to sell your service or product. Despite how hard it may seem initially, telling potential customers they should not buy from you under certain circumstances is absolutely essential if we want our audiences to continue trusting us.

In this case, while I acknowledged the brilliance of his product and offered advice on how he could grow it further, I made clear why insight voice wouldn’t necessarily serve him well given its nature and purpose; which is tied more towards establishing personal credibility than enhancing visual representation - something his product already excelled at without any external aid.

No matter how eloquently worded our descriptions are or how captivating our stories become - some things simply must be seen rather than explained verbally to fully understand their worth! So instead of focusing on verbal persuasion techniques like Insight Voice offers (which were ineffective here), we needed to concentrate efforts showcasing all different use cases visually!

Audience Commitment Above All Else

While there may have been ways Insight Voice could marginally benefit him – ultimately misleading him into believing otherwise would have gone against my commitment as someone aiming to always prioritize my audience’s best interests above everything else!

To conclude then – those who wish to engage effectively potential customers during sale calls must learn two key lessons based on this experience: 1) Know exactly what your offering can do (and what it cannot) so as to accurately guide consumers’ expectations; 2) If ever faced situation where realize service/product won’t truly assist customer despite their initial beliefs otherwise – don’t hesitate tell them straight up! Doing so will only strengthen the bond between both parties long run!