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What's The Hardest Part Of Growing A Relationship Business?

The Challenge of Building Trust

There's no bones about it. The absolute hardest thing about building a relationship-based business, where you're bringing unique insights to solve a customer's problems, is building their trust and doing so at scale. This task becomes especially challenging when your customers are faced with problems that they themselves have difficulty comprehending or navigating through.

To effectively help your clients overcome such dilemmas, they need to choose you as their guide. More importantly, they must believe in the way you approach things; the mindset with which you tackle issues matters significantly in this context.

Your Role as an Expert

If you're a coach, consultant or a fractional CFO for instance - your job doesn't just end at providing solutions for specific problems posed by clients. You also bear the responsibility of helping them understand how these solutions fit within a world view.

This means that not only do you need to be adept at problem-solving but also possess an ability to articulate how certain situations fit into larger contexts – essentially sharing what goes on inside your head when dealing with different scenarios.

Sharing Your Perspective At Scale

You've got to tap into various platforms and avenues available today to share your thoughts on subjects pertinent to your expertise - whether it’s finance, real estate or life itself! It is crucial that you get out there and distribute this knowledge extensively; enabling potential customers gain insight into how YOU perceive things can go a long way in establishing credibility and consequently attracting clientele towards yourself instead of competitors who may rely more heavily on paid advertising via Google ads etc.

The reality remains: if being chosen by potential customers is the goal then becoming everyone’s go-to expert should be part of the strategy – something achievable not by impersonal marketing methods but rather through diligently working towards building an audience that trusts you. This audience will subsequently help your business grow by coming to you for their needs, primarily because they've seen and appreciated the unique perspectives you bring to the table.